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Ibrahim Miranda

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(Pinar del Rio, Cuba, July 6, 1969)

Ibrahim Miranda, painter, engraver and professor, is one of the most in-demand Cuban artists. With poetry inspired in “islandness” as a concept with all the thematic connotations and psychology it entails, Miranda reinterprets his vision of this island, expanding its borders and physical limits so as to make it universal. Icons so suggestive as the alligator, the sleeping Indian, the retracing of history as a way to know our interior selves, make us reflect on our origins and their worth, the geography that each of us carries wherever we go and defines us as human beings.

1980-1983 Elementary Art School, Pinar del Rio, CUBA
1984-1988 Engraving. National School of Fine Art (ENAP), Havana, CUBA
1988-1993 Superior Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, CUBA


1987 Dylan Chronicles. San Luis Art Gallery, Pinar del Rio, CUBA
1988 Samples of Graduate Art. Gallery, National School of Art, Havana, CUBA

Two Roads(photographs by Eduardo Lozano/engravings by Ibrahim Miranda). Transition Hall, M Vicente Garcia Provincial Museum, Las Tunas, CUBA
1992 Luis Gomez/TONEL/Ibrahim Miranda. Weisse
Stadt Galerie. Kulturhaus Latein-Amerika, Koln,
Dyes and Engravings. 23 y 12 Art Center, Havana, CUBA
Image y Likeness. 23 y 12 Art Center, Havana, CUBA

1993 Ibrahim Miranda: Drawings and Prints.
Hermine de Buck Gallery, Gent, BELGIUM
I am not an Island. Habana Gallery, Havana, CUBA
Insular Night: Invisible Gardens. Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico City, MEXICO
Ibrahim Miranda. Geographies. Meza Fine Art, Coral
Gables, FL., U.S.A.

Proof of Vindication. Belkis Aysn/Isary
Paulet/Ibrahim Miranda. 23 y 12 Art Center, Havana, CUBA
1994 Mutations (paintings y engravings). Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico City, MEXICO
Others Nostalgia. Habana Gallery, Havana, CUBA
Ibrahim Miranda. Recent works. Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico City, MEXICO
1996 Ibrahim Miranda. Mirages. Wifredo Lam Center, Havana, CUBA
Nights. Ibrahim Miranda. “Espacio Aglutinador”, Havana, CUBA
Ibrahim Miranda. Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN
1997 Svenska Kubanska Aso. Jose Marti Gallery,
Stockholm, SWEDEN
1998 A.Nuqez/I. Miranda. La Terrasse, Sierre,
1999 Bedspread Project 1997-1998. Ludwig de Cuba Foundation. Havana, CUBA
Maps (1999). Habana Gallery. Havana, CUBA

2000 “Simulacros Dioptricos.” Sol del Rio Gallery Guatemala City, GUATEMALA
Maps. Couturier Gallery. Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES
Cartographic Dissections. Bogota Academia Superior Academy ASAB). Bogota, COLOMBIA

2001 The Trip. Engraving Meeting. Center for the Development of Visual Arts. Havana, CUBA
Maps. Espacio Arguibel. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

2002 Maps, Havana Gallery, Zurich, SWITZERLAND.
Inlets, The Multiple Trace, 4th edition, Experimental Graphics Workshop, Havana, CUBA
2003 Urban Islands, Habana Gallery, Havana, CUBA

1987 Provincial Salon of Fine Arts Pinar del Rio`87. Art Gallery, Pinar del Rio, CUBA
1888 6th Provincial Salon of Fine Arts.
Art Gallery, Pinar del Rio, CUBA
1889 The ISA at Home. Latin American Gallery,
Casa de Las Americas, Havana, CUBA
4th Prize, Winners Salon. National Museum of Fine Arts
Havana, CUBA
“Bienalisa” (parallel event during the Third Biennale of Havana. Hallway Gallery Superior Institute of Art
(ISA), Havana, CUBA
Small Format National Salon. Camaguey Art Center, CUBA
1990 Kuba O.K Aktuelle Kunst aus Kuba/Current Cuban Art. Stddtische Kunsthalle Dusseldorf,
Aktuelle Kubanische Kunst. El Patio Gallery,
1991 Contemporary Cuban Engraving. Biennial of Havana. Museum of Colonial Art, Havana, CUBA

“Si TIM tiene TIM vale.” 4th Biennial of Havana.
Hallway Gallery, Superior Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, CUBA
Fourth Biennale of Havana. National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, CUBA
The Second Bharat Bhavan International Biennial
of Prints. Roopankar Museum of Fine Arts, Bharat
Bhavan, Bhopa, INDIA
Latin American Engraving Meeting. Alejandro Otero Museum of Visual Arts, Caracas, VENEZUELA
1992 Aktuelle Kubanische Kunst. Kunstraum Farmsen, Hamburg, GERMANY
The Mission. Dominico San Juan de Letran Convent, Havana, CUBA
Cuban Art Today. Cultural Center/Arte Contemporary. Televisa Foundation A.C., Mexico City, MEXICO
The Cuban Round. Van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn, HOLLAND
Prodigious Decade. Cuban Fine Arts of the 80s.
University Museum of CHOPO, Mexico City, MEXICO
Auto-Expresso. X Mostra da Gravura. Museu da
Gravura Cidade de Curitiba, Curitiba, BRAZIL
1993 10th San Juan engraving Biennial for Latin American and Caribbean. Marine Arsenal, San Juan, PUERTO RICO
1e Internationale Grafiek Biennale. Maastricht
Exhibition and Congress Centre (MECC), Maastricht,
Young Illustrator Prize. Haydee Santamaria Gallery, Casa de Las Americas, Havana, CUBA
1994 Young Cuban Painter. Maison de la Culture du Lametin, Fort de France, Martinique, FRANCE
13 Cuban Contemporary Artists. Errant vanguard, the 80s generation. Euro-American Art Centre, Caracas, VENEZUELA
Engraving Vindication. La Acacia Gallery, Havana, CUBA
The die at Midnight. 5th Biennial of Havana. Espuela de Plata Gallery, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, CUBA
1995 Cuban Mysticism. Arte dell`ultima generazione. Openspace, Palazzo dell`Arengario/Spazio
Vigentina, Milano, ITALY
Xl Mostra da Gravura Cidade de Curitiba. Fundacao
Cultural de Curitiba, Curitiba, BRAZIL
Kuba Kunst Heute. Grafiksammlung Schreiner.
Stadtgalerie Bamberg, Villa Dessauer, Bamberg,ALEMANIA Swiss Replica Watches
1996 International Contemporary Art Fair
Arco, 96. Crystal Pavilion, Madrid, SPAIN
Almendares River. Neither Strawberries nor Chocolate (Ni fresa, ni chocolate.”) Center for Conservation, Restoration and Museology CENCREM), Havana, CUBA
Three centuries of Cuban Illustration. National Museum of Colombia, Bogota/Salon Avianca, Barranquilla, COLOMBIA
Inclusion/Exclusion: Art in the Age of Post-colonialism and Global Migrations. Steirischer Herbst 96, Graz, AUSTRIA

Beyond Limits/Today like Yesterday. The Multiple Trace. Collective Showing of Contemporary Engraving.
Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, CUBA
1997 New Art From Cuba: Utopian Territories.
Morris and Hellen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, CANADA

Hiding away the Souls. Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, CUBA
Restricted area. Private residence, Calle 8 y 13,
Vedado, Havana, CUBA
Pinakotek Gallery, University of Jyvaskyla, FINLAND
1998 Cartographers Artists and
Maps/Kartografusok M|veszek is a tirkip. Emst Museum, Budapest, HUNGARY

The Island Afloat. Der Br|cke Gallery, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Engraving, grafische Werke aus Kuba, Havana
Gallery, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Fragments to the magnets. Latin American Gallery,
Casa de Las Americas, Havana, CUBA
La Direction of the Look. Stadhaus, Zurich/Musée
des Beaux Arts, La Chaux-des-Fonds, SWITZERLAND
2nd Contemporary Cuban Art Salon. Center for the Development of Visual Arts/Fototeca Cuba/Centro Wifredo Lam/
1999 Drawing, Zeichnungen und Skizzen aus Kuba,
Havana Galerie, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Beyond Paper. Conde Duque Cultural Center. Madrid, SPAIN
Afro-Cuban Contemporary Graphic Art. The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., UNITED STATES
Meeting of Sister Cultures. Villena Hall,
Multiple Traces. Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, CUBA.
The Evolution of Engraving during 40 years of the Cuban revolution. Eng. Antonio de Almeida Foundation, PORTUGAL

2000 HIDDEN IMAGES, work on paper by
Contemporary Cuban Artists. Lehigh University Art Galleries. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

15. Internationale Triennale f|r Orginalgrafik.
ARTEBA. Marma Jose Granillo Contemporary Art
Gallery. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
A window on Venus. National Theatre of Cuba. VII
Biennial of Havana. Havana, CUBA
ART MIAMI. Maria Jose Granillo Contemporary Art
Gallery, Miami, UNITED STATES.
Crocodile in its ink. Bernal Illustration. Madrid,

2001 Permanent Collection. Cuban Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, CUBA.
49. Expozione internazionale de arte. La Biennale
di Venezia. Venecia, ITALY.
+Alegormas, kubanische Sinnbilder, Havana Gallery
Politics of Difference. End of Century Ibero-American Art.
Itinerant: Recife, BRAZIL; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Caracas, VENEZUELA; Mexico City, MEXICO; San Juan, PUERTO RICO; Chicago, ESTADOS UNIDOS; Valencia, SPAIN
Passionately Cuban: Eight Cuban Artists,
Contemporary Art Gallery. Albany University. Albany,
Multiple Traces, 3rd Edition. Medaid Organization.
Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES
Fragments of some Island. Spanish Cultural Center, Havana, CUBA
CUBA: Five Odysseys. Art Galleries, California
State University, NORTHRIDGE
New Cuban Art. Discoveries in Art, Bonheur Gallery, Connecticut, UNITED STATES
8th San Juan International Engraving Salon for Latin America and the Caribbean Engraving. San Juan, PUERTO RICO
100 years of Art, MAPRI, Pinar del Rio Art Museum, CUBA
Kaleidoscope, National Theater of Cuba. Havana, CUBA
ARCO 2001, Habana Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN

2002 Carol Morsani Festival Hall, Tampa Bay
Performing Arts Center, Tampa, UNITED STATES
HAVANA AUCTION, Rum Museum, Havana, CUBA
3rd Salon of Cuban Art, Collateral Show Biennial of Sao Paulo, America Latina Memorial, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Art for Life, White Hall, Convent of San Francisco de Assisi, Havana, CUBA
Crossed, Sliced Identities and Gender, Telefonica Foundation, Madrid, SPAIN
Diversities, El Camino College Art Gallery, Los
Made in Cuba, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New
Orleans, U.S.A.
Carol Morsani Festival Hall, Tampa Bay Performing
Arts Center, Tampa, UNITED STATES
Multiple Traces, IV edition, Havana, CUBA
Multiple Traces, Havana Gallery, SWITZERLAND
1 Sample, Contemporary Art Fair, Monterrey, MEXICO
16 Cuban Artists in Beirut, UNESCO Palace in
Beirut, Beirut, LEBANON
Inauguration of the Diago Gallery, La Casona,
Havana, CUBA
Words in the Trapico. CENCREM, Havana, CUBA
Contemporary Cuban Painter: - Bedia, Belkis Aysn,
Los Carpinteros, Ciro Quintana, Ibrahim Miranda,
Kcho, Tomas Sanchez -, Korda Collection, Florida, UNITED STATES
2003 International Print Triennial 2003, Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, POLAND
Humanitarian Auction, Casa de Las Americas, Havana, CUBA
Figures and Myths in Cuban Contemporary Cuban Engraving,
Galeria Gravura Brasileira, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.
Common Sense, Havana Gallery, Havana, CUBA
Sample 2, World Trade Center, Mexico City, MEXICO
Illustrations of the Island, San Marcos Cultural Center, San Marcos, PERU
The latest tendencies in Contemporary Cuban Art,
Convention Center, Havana, CUBA
Contemporary Cuban Art and the Art of Survival,
San Jose State University, California, UNITED STATES
Taller Nelson Contemporary Graphic Workshop, 23 y
12 Gallery, Havana, CUBA
2004 JUST ON TIME, Habana Gallery, Havana, CUBA.
ARTYADE, Olympics of Visual Arts 2004, Cultural
Centre of Athens, Athens, GREECE
“Dando y Dando,” Villena Gallery, Havana, CUBA
AfroCuba: Works on Paper, 1968-2003, San
Francisco State University Fine Art Gallery, San
Summertime, and the Living Is Couturier Gallery,

Elegma Cubana: Contemporary Cuban Artists
L Gallery, Havana, CUBA
4 Cuban Artists: Fors, Kcho, Miranda, Pirez,
Spanish Cultural Center, San Jose, COSTA RICA
Art Frankfurt, Galeria Gravura Brasileira,
Frankfurt, GERMANY
Contemporary Cuban Prints, Bay Gallery, Cardiff,
Havana 2004, Havana, CUBA
16th Annual Works on Paper, Sigrid Pfreundorfer
Gallery, The Park Avenue Armory, New York, UNITED STATES
International Print Triennial, Re exhibition with
selected works of the International Print

Triennial - Krakow 2003, Horst Janssen Museum,
Oldenburg, GERMANY
Contemporary Printmaking in Cuba, Center for
Cuban Studies, New York, UNITED STATES
Date with Angels, Jose Marti Memorial, Havana, CUBA
Cuban Contemporary Arts Exhibiton. New Routes of
Cuban Arts, National Gallery, MALAYSIA
ARCO 2004, Habana Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN

PRIZES (selection)
1988 Engraving Prize. 6th Provincial Salon of Fine Arts
Pinar del Rio `88, Pinar del Rio Art Gallery, CUBA
1991 Painting Prize. 13 of March Contest,
Gallery, Havana, CUBA
1993 Prize. 10th San Juan Engraving Biennial for
Latin America and the Caribbean San Juan, PUERTO RICO
Mention. Young Illustrators Prize, Casa de Las
Americas, Havana, CUBA
1997 Artist in Residence, Grafikkan Paja, Jyvaskyla, FINLAND
1998 Artist in Residence, Musée des Beaux-Arts
de La Chaux-des-Fonds, SWITZERLAND
1999 Artist in Residence, Brandywine Graphics
Workshop, Philadelphia. P.A., UNITED STATES
2000 Artist in Residence, Graphic Studio, USF
College of Fine Art, Tampa, Florida. UNITED STATES
2001 Artist in residence,, Austin,
2002 National Curator Prize, National Council for Fine Arts, Havana, CUBA (The Multiple Trace, 4th edition)
2003 Regular MTG Award Krakow 2003,
International Print Triennial 2003, Krakow, POLAND
2004 1st Engraving Prize, VI National Engraving Meeting
Havana, CUBA

National Museum. Palace of Fine Arts. Havana, CUBA
MOMA. Museum of Modern Art. New York, U.S.A.
Thyssen Bornemisza Contemporary Art Foundation. Anit. AUSTRIA
Engraving Museum. Curitiba, BRAZIL
Van Reekum Museum. Appeldorn, HOLLAND
Xilography Museum. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

ASU. Arizona State University Museum of Arts.
Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.
Fort Lauderdale Museum, U.S.A.
National Gallery of Art. Washington, U.S.A.
Contemporary Art Cultural Center, MEXICO City
Televisa Cultural Foundation. Mexico City, MEXICO

Casa de Las Americas. Havana, CUBA
Graphicstudio. Tampa, U.S.A.
Museum of Contemporary Art. USF. Tampa, U.S.A.
Ninart. Cultural Center. Mexico City, MEXICO
Wolfgang Scheiner. GERMANY
Puerto Rican Cultural Institute. San Juan,
National Library Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
LUAG. Lehigh University Art Galleries.
Bethlehem, P.A., U.S.A.
European Commercial of Fine Arts. Bilbao, SPAIN
Brandywine Workshop. Philadelphia, U.S.A.
Albany University. Albany, U.S.A.

Peter Norton Collection. Santa Monica, LosAngeles, U.S.A.
Polk Museum of Art. Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A.
LAM. Latino Art Museum. California, Los
Angeles, U.S.A.
UECLAA. University of Essex, ENGLAND
The Map as Art - Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography
Book by Katherine Harmon

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